DJs Mayr + Dana Moustache

RHIZ, Vienna
Entry: 5,-

LIINES (Ex-Hooker), Manchester

LIINES are a three-piece with a lot of heart. Hailing from Manchester, UK - the home of some of the best music both past and present - LIINES head out on their biggest ever European tour to promote debut EP Cold.

When you see LIINES live you'll find raw energy and pounding beats - you'll be watching three people and it'll sound like ten! You can see and feel their passion as every beat and note goes by.

When they were hooker, they were hailed as one of Manchester's most engaging and powerful live acts and played with Interpol, Television, The Slits, Le Tigre, 50 Foot Wave (Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses) and toured with Gossip and Katastrophy Wife. LIINES will carry on this mantle with comparisons from Joy Division, PJ Harvey, Queens of the Stone Age to Sleater Kinney.

Simply, LIINES are emotive, dirty and beautiful.



„The cyborg is a creature in a post-gender world“ (D. Haraway)

Equipped with scratchy electric guitars, old school drum samplers and other friendly machines and via a bunch of cables directly connected to a punk vs. candy voice: Maybecyborgs is a solo show but sounds like a whole band most of the time by using new wave and rock'n'roll derivatives as echos from the past and melting it with beats and loops while a spinning mirror ball seems to hang over them. Sometimes it leans towards a more noisy and experimental direction, sometimes it is as seductive, exaggerating and hybrid as pop wants to be. Through the last three years Maybecyborgs has played shows with Hunx And His Punx, Rae Spoon, Electrosexual , Kat Frankie, Des Ark among others and will be on tour for the first time with Lines (Ex-Hooker) from Manchester. After the 2012 Release „Pink On Green“ (Yesway Records) a bunch of new songs and a new E.P. is in the making.