Ester Poly
"Pique Dame"

All Compositions by Ester Poly. Recorded in Zürich by Roland Wäspe & Mario Hänni.
Mixed & Mastered by Manuel Egger, SuburbanSound, Winterthur.
Artwork by Luca Schenardi.

Release-Date: 16/11/2017
rhiz Vienna - [FB-Event]

  Ester Poly - Dienstag

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1. Slutwalk
2. Be Loud
3. 72 vièrges
4. La vie en rose
5. Big Bang
6. Forgotten Responsibility
7. The Rise Of The Witches
8. Dienstag
9. Pique Dame
10. Slutwalk (BAK XIII Remix)

Ester Poly are:
Martina Berther: e-bass/voc
Béatrice Graf: drums/voc

Released in cooperation with swiss labels Ikarus Records and Urgence Disk Records

ESTER POLY ((Zurich/Chur/Geneva))

Ester Poly! Psychedelic Experimental Punk Clash! Diese goldene Kombination steht für die E-Bassistin Martina Berther und die Schlagzeugerin Béatrice Graf.

Ein Aufeinandertreffen zweier Frauen unterschiedlicher Generationen und Stilistiken; Sprengstoff gegen Spartendenken! Der Bass streicht mit dem Bogen wütende Zerrorgien, das Schlagzeug schlägt die Seele in erotische Gefilde – stets gespickt mit politischen Parolen und antitypischer Attitüde. Ist das Jazz? Ist das Rock’n’Roll? Keine Ahnung – auf jeden Fall aber Ester Poly!


Ester Poly! Psychedelic Experimental Punk Clash! This golden combination consists of bassist Martina Berther and drummer Béatrice Graf.

A clash of two women from different generations and genres, exploding the chains of traditional music styles. The bass strikes angry orgies of distortion with the bow, the drums beat the soul into erotic fields - always edgy with a political message and an antitypical attitude. Is that jazz? Is it Rock'n'Roll? No idea - but definitely Ester Poly!


Experimentally rocking the cantons of their Swiss home for a while in their respective separate outfits, Béatrice Graf and Martina Bérther unite as an unholy drum and electric bass alliance under the Ester Poly (a scramble of ‘polyester’ of course) banner.

Pitching generation X(er) Bérther with Y(er) Graf, this rambunctious vehicle for the duo’s feminist protestations and irony began as a casual improvised meeting of minds a few years back, before blossoming and gaining traction with more structured, paced material. The spirit of volatility and avant-garde probing experimentation is no less diminished now that they’ve channeled that energy and ennui into nine, more controlled, songs: granted many fall outside the perimeters of the formulaic; amorphously clashing and flaying, dissipating and fading out between the loosest of vocal and instrumental performances and narratives.
Dominic Valvona, Monolith Cocktail, October 2017 [Read full review...]

Photos: Ralph Kuehne