ŽEN - "Sunčani ljudi"
12-inch Vinyl/CD/MP3

Production: ŽEN
Guest vocals on “četiri tri pet dva” and “opet gange”: Jovana Lukić and Lana Hosni
Cover art and design: Ana Kovačić

Release-Date: 10/01/2018

In cooperation with
Moonlee Records
and Vox Project
Žen - Sonična taktika

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1. a gdje su staze
2. pusti me da hodam
3. jugomental
4. četiri tri pet dva
5. opet gange
6. sonična taktika
7. tijelo zna
8. lov na crne tipke


Eva Badanjak - Guitar, synths, voice
Sara Ercegović - Drums, synths, voice
Ivona Ivković - Bass, synths, voice

Recorded during May and June 2017 in Studio Depth in Zagreb, Studio Friteza in Ljubljana, Studio Vibra in Zagreb, and ŽEN studio in Zagreb
Recorded by: Gregor Bajc, Damjan Blažun, Filip Sertić
Mixed by: Gregor Bajc, Damjan Blažun
Mastering: Saša Rajković - Zarkoff
Production: ŽEN

Guest vocals on “četiri tri pet dva” and “opet gange”: Jovana Lukić and Lana Hosni
Cover art and design: Ana Kovačić

This album has been recorded in between our European tours, and in the middle of the struggle to keep the autonomous culture center Medika, where we also rehearse and record our music. Many sunny people helped us with this album and everything around it. We are especially thankful for those who gave special effort with their equipment, knowledge, advices, support and love. Thank you, our sunny people: Gordana Tihomirović, Jordi Ilić, Kristijan Smok, Miran Rusjan, Ana Kovačić, Sven Sorić, Jovana Lukić, Lana Hosni, Valent Samardžija, Saša Rajković – Zarkoff, Jerko Jurin, Igor Meštrović, Krunoslav Levačić, Miran Katar, Neven Marinac, Eugen Jeličić, Alen Nužda, Igor Ivanković and the whole club Attack crew, dear friends from Medika collective, our loving families and our animal friends, and all of you beautiful people who share your smiles and warmth with us.

ŽEN (Croatia)

Formed in Zagreb, in 2009, the four-piece audio-visual band Žen combines intricate arrangments and immersive live visuals to create a fully authentic psy indie rock experience.

Žen playfully dissects gender stereotypes and connects the boundaries of audio and visual art, evoking journeys through vocal harmonization submerged in a progressive symbiosis of guitar, bass, drums and synths. If we were to try to define them by genre, the closest we would get is a complex form of indie-rock, informed by various style and genre characteristics ranging from post-rock to shoegaze, math-rock, vintage synthwave and experimental electronics. Their debut album, I onda je sve pocelo, was released in May 2013 under the queer feminist label Unrecords from Vienna, Austria. Žen was also included in several compilations: Bistro na rubu šume vol.2, Kompot berba 2013 and !OPASNA! Ženska Muzika, while the Balkan under the radar vol.2: The Black Wave compilation, contained a remix of the song Iskrenost je posebna (Andrea Giordani remix).
In 2015 the band released the album Jantar with a single Kraj Pocetak under the Unrecords label.

Žen has played numerous concerts and gained a loyal audience in the wider region. They’ve played in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Italy, Denmark and Sweden.

"Post-rock and experimental movements took the audience to another dimension, engulfing all of their senses." (Soundguardian.com)